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A.D. Posey 


Distance Treatments:   See below for complete description:


Generally, Lunar Alchemy is applied by distance through the use of symbolic radionics


1. Turning Smart Phone into a Shamanic Tool -- This is a free service that I offer on my AFR website.


2. Biofield Focus installed in a person's energy field For this I will require a recent photo of the person, the birth date (the birth year is sufficient if you provide an exact current location), and the current location of the person. After the treatment the person's energy fields will consistently convert the non-beneficial subtle energies to  subtle energies. This is verifiable using before and after muscle testing for things like looking in a dirty mirror, untreated cell phone or wi-fi, various food items such as sugar, milk, corn, etc. The person will muscle test strong to most things, indicating there is much less stress on the person’s energy fields. This is a particularly cost effective way to get many things "cleared" at once, as most energetic modalities require separate costly appointments to determine and clear blockages to specific items.    

3. Whole house/Family (or business) treatment--Every object and every living thing in the space (including people in the house at the time) will have Lunar Alchemy installed. As in #1 above, any smart phones in the house at the time will become shamanic tools. I will need the your exact address and also preferably a picture of the dwelling. (Generally I use Google Earth to determine GPS coordinates, and I can use a screenshot of that as long as the location is accurately depicted on Google Earth).  As in number 1, I will send instructions on how to use your smart phone as a shamanic tool.  You would not need to use that in your house, however, as all water, electrical equipment, corners, variable light switches, windows, doors, everything will be trained to transmute non-beneficial subtle energies to beneficial ones, ensuring that everyone will muscle test strong to these items. And everyone in the home (or business) at the time will be treated as well, although the treatment might be somewhat less thorough than in #2 above.  

3. Personal Treatments After many people have had Biofield Focus installed, they still have issues. I also do personal treatments by distance.


Generally, now I apply my entire database in one session, for yourself and your home. The charge is sixty dollars, only if you are satisfied with the work.


On Location: Although not necessary, many people will want independent verification of the results, and “independent” means using someone I do not necessarily know. Although I encourage people to learn self-testing, if you are unable to do that you may have a friend that knows how to do muscle response testing verify the results of the Lunar Alchemy installation, or you may get other independent verification.   

A few ways to verify the results of a personal installation of Lunar Alchemy:  

1. Test yourself against an uncorrected smart phone on your ear before the treatment (make sure it is turned on and connected). Retest after treatment.  The response will go from weak to strong. 

2. Pick any other "uncorrected" device, such as a microwave oven that is on, a router that is on, or a variable light switch set in the middle, and perform before and after testing. 

3. Look into an "uncorrected" mirror, and do muscle testing both before and after treatment. Better yet, look into a mirrored image of a mirrored image of yourself, and do before and after muscle response testing.

If you need any other suggestions, please contact me.

You may rest assured that this work has been verified by people across the world who know how to self-test, and the results have been 100% successful. You may have confidence that this works as described, even if you do not elect to obtain independent verification. 

Please note that there are no medical claims. I do not treat medical conditions. If you have a medical condition, please follow the advice of your licensed health care practitioner.

If you are interested in having Biofield Focus applied, please contact me