Applied Kinesiology and Self Testing

Muscle Test Strong!

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Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in the muscles. Alex Karras

Remember, with Biofield Focus applied, you will muscle test strong to most things....permanently. One exception will be lies. You will still muscle test weak to "The best whole truth is my name is Petunia," unless your name happens to be Petunia. To understand the significance of muscle response testing, please note the number of different energetic techniques that make muscle testing strong to various things as the goal, and many of them claim significant health effects. This is by far from a full list: Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, Bioset, Neuromodulation Technique, Lifeline Technique, Body Talk, Emotional Freedom Technique, Touch for Health, contact reflex analysis, Neuroemotional Technique. Each of these requires many practitioner visits at considerable cost, in order to complete the program. Lunar Alchemy is a cost effective way to be able to significantly shorten the necessary duration of these and similar techniques. Lunar Alchemy works synergistically with these techniques and should not be seen as a substitute.


Applied Kinesiology, or muscle response testing, is a technique used by individuals and certain health practitioners to access information about the body. A weak muscle in response to a question or a "challenge" is generally thought to indicate a blockage of some sort, while a strong muscle generally means that chi is able to flow freely in the face of whatever is being tested. It serves as a kind of lie detector for the subconscious. Put another way, it is a way to get weak/strong answers from the body. Generally the deltoid muscle in the upper arm is the muscle tested, and the practitioner pushes down on the arm to gauge strength, but there are many variations of this.

Recently some scientific evidence has been published that establishes the reliability of muscle response testing. Please note the research of Anne Jensen of Oxford University.

Bruce Lipton explained applied kinesiology thusly in discussing his book, The Honeymoon Effect on Coast to Coast AM May 2, 2013:

When you make a statement with your conscious mind, the creative mind, your subconscious matches its programs to the statement. If the subconscious agrees with the statement the conscious mind makes, then both minds are in harmony and the muscle is strong. But if you make a statement with your conscious mind and your subconscious programs don't support that, then there is disharmony between the conscious and the subconscious minds. The disharmony is expressed as a weakening of the muscle, and it is not just the arm muscle, all of the muscles of the body get weaker. So you can even do a kinesiology test using an eye chart, and see the influence of the statement on the strength of the eye muscles in focusing.

Here it one example of how it could be used, not for reactions to statements about belief systems, but for energetic reactions to various foods: After an initial muscle test to measure the strength of the arm without a challenge, a food may be placed in the patient’s hand. If the person muscle tests weak to the food, it is thought that the food causes energetic blockages in the movement of chi throughout the body (chi is the energy associated with acupuncture meridians). Some practitioners may call this an allergy, but it isn’t really the same as an allergy. Allergy has a precise medical definition which has nothing to do with applied kinesiology or chi. One well known energetic technique that uses this particular method is NAET. With practice and good instruction, many people find that they can learn applied kinesiology. One good course available for ordinary people is Touch for Health.

As people become more used to testing for energy flow, they may learn more advanced muscle testing techniques, using various methods with their fingers, and even testing people by distance. Please keep in mind that this is not a direct medical diagnostic tool—it simply measures the flow of chi, and whether it is blocked. Also, while this is an extremely valuable tool, it is not infallible, and can be influenced by outside forces. Here, in this video, are examples of it being used in diagnostics in a medical setting in Japan.

Some people find that the weak/strong answers that they get from using a pendulum are just as accurate as those they get from applied kinesiology. Both access the subconscious, and both are suited to weak/strong responses.

The Value of Self Help Techniques

I am a huge fan of self-help techniques. If you learn these, you will then be able to verify the results of Lunar Alchemy. It is also helpful for many reasons to learn yes/no answers, either using applied kinesiology (muscle response testing) or a pendulum.

If you want to learn muscle testing and have no idea where to start, I would suggest taking a Touch for Health course. You do not have to be a licensed health care professional to take this course. Another course that teaches a more subtle form of muscle response testing is the Lifeline Technique. There are various techniques for self-testing, and although I use one of them, I do not consider myself knowledgeable enough about them to attempt to teach them on this web page. Here is a web link that currently has information about self- testing. I have no connection to this website, so if the link goes dead, please let me know.

There are various methods used to change a muscle response test from weak to strong. Basically you first challenge the person with the stressor, and then add to the exposure massive amounts of subtle energies that are beneficial. In NAET, some acupuncture points are stimulated as the "clearing pattern". Emotional Freedom technique uses tapping. The Lifeline Techique simply uses the hand sign for love. Others might use an orgone device (note: continued testing of the device should be done in this case, as orgone devices can become impregnated with the non-beneficial subtle energies that they absorb).

Self-Testing Techniques

When I first wanted to test by distance, I began by using my body as a pendulum. I would stand with my knees barely bent, slightly springy, and my feet about shoulder width apart. I would start by calibrating the answers by stating my name. “The whole best truth is my name is (true first and last name).” I learned how my body reacted to statements that were true, and how it reacted to statements that are false. Anyone should be able learn to do this with practice. Here are two videos on how to use the sway technique (the second one is for those who have trust issues).

There are reasonably priced pendulums on Ebay, Etsy and other internet websites if no stores in your area carry them. Generally they come with good instructions for use, or you may find many websites devoted to the proper way to learn how to use the pendulum. If you want to use pendulums that directly measure energy fields, rather than yes/no answers, I recommend finding a Biogeometry dealer.

Energetic practitioners who use radionics devices generally use a stick plate. They rub a finger against a plastic plate, and the skin resistance detects the "rates that are sent to the target. Here is an article about the fingertip detecting slight differences. Human Fingertip Senses Single Atom Substitutions in a Surface

Keep in mind that it is important to be grounded, and have spirit, mind, body connected prior to doing muscle response testing or using the pendulum. An unbalanced person energetically is less likely to receive the correct answers.