The Science of Subtle Energies

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Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Subtle Energies

In the middle of the twentieth century, Louis Turenne and other French radiesthesiests discovered the scientific principles of subtle energies. They postulated that all matter has a subtle energy field. In essence, they found that although subtle energies cannot be analyzed by electronic devices that measure the electromagnetic fields, they may be determined using very precise pendulum measurements. Through their pendulums, they found that horizontal subtle energies are beneficial for humans, and most plants and animals, and vertical subtle energies are mostly harmful, causing disorganization and disharmony to the energy fields. There is a complete spectrum of horizontal and vertical subtle energies directly related to the electromagnetic spectrum.

Almost all energy therapies deal with manipulations of subtle energy fields. Whether acknowledged or not, manipulations of subtle energies occurs in reiki, NAET, and other “hands on” therapies. Interestingly, some practitioners have demonstrated that these can be accomplished at a distance through a process of quantum entanglement.

Other techniques are more traditional intention based techniques, such as prayer. Everything has an energy field, including words. A good demonstration of this is the Masuri Emoto’s experiments using crystallization of water photos to visually show the differences in the energetic qualities of words.

Dr. Ibrahim Karim has shown how various geometric forms can transmute vertical subtle energy qualities into horizontal subtle energy qualities. His system is put forth in the book Biogeometry, Back to the Future for Mankind. He discovered BG3 (Biogeometry3), a combination of three horizonal energy quailities which has a centering, favorable effect.

Subtle energy fields react with each other, and there is a constant exchange of information from one energy field to another. We also may pick up subtle energies from the ether. It is obviously beneficial to humans to be able to filter out the vertical subtle energies from our energy fields in favor of the more beneficial horizontal subtle energies.

Measurement of the Subtle Energy Fields

Because Turenne and others used precise pendulums that measured the horizontal and vertical subtle energies in an entire electromagnetic spectrum, the pendulums used are different from the yes/no pendulum use in the western world; the western use of pendulums is based on the subconscious, or mental testing rather than direct measurement of subtle energy qualities. (The best source that I know of for very technical pendulums is from dealers in Biogeometry products.)

Likewise, in the West, muscle response testing was developed, and is used by many different energetic modalities. For the most part they test the human energy field’s reaction to the energy field to another object or thought. If the muscle is “strong” in relationship to another thing, then the energy field of that thing does not weaken the human energy field. When something weakens a human energy field, the human will respond through his autonomic nervous system, which acts as a kind of lie detector. In fact, lie detector technology using galvanic skin response is often used instead of muscle response testing in these techniques. These are all indirect measurements of the energy fields of objects, and are always measurements of a single person’s reaction to another energy field. This is in contrast to the French Radiesthesiests who directly measure the energy fields of objects.

The brilliance of the French radiesthesiests is that they work with an entire measureable system of subtle energies that are directly related to the physical electromagnetic spectrum. As an example, a red object will have an energy field that has red vertical and red horizontal subtle energies. Each part of the subtle energy spectrum has certain energetic properties that have different characteristics.

We are all bombarded by non-beneficial subtle energies over which we seemingly have no control. These include subtle energies from cell phones, smart meters, microwaves, computers. cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, earth lines, certain foods (such as sugar), and even negative emotions or people, etc. Most of these things, for various reasons, produce a preponderance of subtle energies that are vertical (non-beneficial).

As humans, we must protect our personal energy fields from vertical subtle energies, in order to keep from energetically reacting negatively to various stressors.

Various ways to protect the human energy field are through the use of geometric forms, cleared orgone devices, intention or prayer, seeing energetic practitioners, using modalities such as acupuncture, homeopathy, NAET, etc. The most logical way to protect your energy field is to retrain your system to sort out the beneficial subtle energies from the non-beneficial ones. When you do that, you experience Lunar Alchemy.

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