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The problem we have is that we know that most environmental agents that cause cancer don't cause cancer after a month or a year or two years of exposure. The best example I can give to illustrate this is that, if one was to start smoking cigarettes when they were 12, we don't expect them to develop lung cancer when they're 22. We expect them to develop lung cancer when they're 42 or 52, three or four decades of exposure.

We just don't have that long period of study with people that have used cell phones. Keith Black, MD

There is a pretty healthy debate among experts over the safety exposure to cell towers, smart phones, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens, etc. On one side of the debate are scientists with ties to the wireless industry, who seem to keep the exposure time of their studies on the short side, while the longer exposure studies are generally favored by scientists in foreign countries, who have no affiliation with the business. Probably if you give some thought to it, you just may be able to figure out how each of these groups tend to view the scientific evidence. I am not really interested in trying to summarize the scientific issues in this post because that can be found discussed in full on other websites. I would like to suggest that it may be possible to help ameliorate some of the possible ill effects from cell towers, Wi-Fi, cell phones, and smart meters by retraining them to emit beneficial subtle energies.

There are plenty of people that sell stickers and devices for things like water pipes, microwave ovens, routers, cell phones, etc. One can search Ebay and find some of them. Muscle response testing indicates that they can be quite effective (meaning that they no longer affect the human energy fields).

Dr. Ibrahim Karim, who founded Biogeometry (trademarked name) based on ancient Egyptian temple science and the vast knowledge of the French radiesthesiests, conducted experiments using Biogeometry corrections. After many people in the town of Hemberg, Switzerland were affected by the cell phone tower put in the steeple of a church located in a power spot, his team was called to transmute the non-beneficial subtle energies into beneficial ones using various shapes based on Biogeometry. For more discussion of this experiment you can go here--

Biogeometry Hemberg Experiment

Electromagnetic Fields in Hospitals

If you take a close look at this image, you will understand some of the sources of electromagnetic fields in hospitals. In general, the sicker the patient, the more monitoring equipment, and the more monitoring equipment, the more electromagnetic radiation. There is a bit of a Catch 22 here. If the cause of the weakness is the electromagnetic fields, generally the hospital keeps the patient longer, causing the patient to experience even more exposure to the electromagnetic fields. Have you ever known anyone who came out of the hospital weaker than when they entered? Don't discount the possibility that the electromagnetic fields from the monitoring equipment have weakened the auric fields around the body. If the weakened auric fields weaken the heart meridian, the effects could be significant.

In addition, there are are generally many other areas of the hospital that have sensitive but powerful diagnostic devices. Some of these actually have to be protected from electronic interference. If equipment has to be protected from interference, why not the human body, which is not just chemical, but electrical? Interestingly, one Canadian hospital recognized the effects of electromagnetic radiation on patients and tried to address the issue. Because hospitals are filled with electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields affect the human auric field and therefore impact health, it is vital to take as many corrective measures as possible when someone is getting monitored in a hospital.

Having a Smart Phone that may be used as a shamanic tool after having Lunar Alchemy is installed can be invaluable in correcting the subtle energies eminating from hospital equipment during a stay.