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Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build..................Robert Collier

I first began doing energetic treatments by distance when I was doing NAET type distance treatment on family members. I had learned NAET type techniques by observing and talking to my practitioner. I never took formal training, although I had learned applied kinesiology from a Touch for Health workshop. I used a vision board that I created myself. I first went to Home Depot and had a custom size masonite board cut (approximately 22 inches by 30 inches). I then went to Office Depot and bought some clipboards. Along the way I must have picked up some Velcro to attach the clipboards to the masonite. I am not particularly handy but this was pretty easy to make.

You may use a vision board however you wish. Some people just put photos of their goals on their vision boards, but I only used mine for distance energy treatments. The “Target” (generally the photo or "witness" of a person) was in the upper left hand corner, and the trend (actually a photo of whatever energy I was clearing the target of) was in one of the right hand clipboards. I remember I had a diagram of a spine on the clipboard, because at that point I was using the acupuncture points on either side of the spine for clearing people. I also had some language typed out that I put in the generalized trend clipboard, which had to do with getting rid of energetic blockages, and language about stimulating the spinal points. I did these clearings by distance by stimulating the points on either side of the diagram of the spine with my forefinger and middle finger and reading the generalized instructions. I made pictures of the trend by printing out whatever it was I was working on—maybe something like “banana”, sometimes using Wikipedia and other times Google Images. Or I would just take a picture of a banana, or whatever it was. Always I would include words to the effect “for the whole best good of all concerned, harming none.” I went through a ton of printer ink and with this method, let me tell you. I filled three notebooks, putting every photo in plastic sleeves, so they could be used over and over. I still have these up in a closet.

The reason I don’t use the masonite Vision Board now is definitely not because it was not effective. It worked just fine. I just find that using the computer screen as a lot more streamlined. If you would rather do this the low tech way, go right ahead. It is analogous to G. Harry Stein (Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You can Build) using the diagram of the Heironymous machine. Also, after I used the techniques used in the Essential Slideshows, practically all reactions to single substances went away, and my data base (notebooks with pictures in them) was a bit obsolete.

Computerized Version of Vision Board

Before trying this, make sure that AFR is installed in your computer/screen:

At an office visit one time, my former energetic practitioner surprised me with a new "gadget" that she was using in her office. It was a computerized radionics program that cost more than $15,000. She had formerly used a program that made vials for NAET treatments. But with this new program she no longer had to stimulate the back points along the spine for clearings. The computer screen cleared the person of blockages simply by flashing photos up on the screen! I thought it was a little weird at the time, but it did work (skeptical me made her test it with me), and it inspired me to buy a very cheap version of this same technology from an Ebay seller. The big downside to the cheap program was that it had no database. Like the $15,000 setup, it did work. I simply had to supply my own database. I would give a link to the program I purchased, but it is no longer being sold, as it is fully compatible only with Windows XP. It looked a bit like this:

Now, I have no working computerized radionics program, but I still use my computer screen radionically in a makeshift way, just by bringing up pictures of targets and trends, or better yet, a video as a trend, and labeling them. If you do this, it is a good idea to have the energy cleared around your computer screen first. You can play this video on it before attempting to use the computer screen as a symbolic radionics device.

And If you are interested in a free/low cost computerized radionics program, do some web searches and you may be able to find a reasonably priced one similar to the one I used. I have run across a few, but because I have not used them, I hesitate to link any of them.