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The acupuncture meridian system theory postulates a life force called "chi" that runs throughout the body. When something blocks the life force, it is an energetic blockage. In traditional radionics, energetic blockages are termed "entities." The very name evokes some misunderstanding. Alternatively, in homeopathy, energetic blockages are referred to as "miasms". The 

Here are some tips to understanding these negative influences:

1. You don't have to personalize them.  As far as I know, they don't have eyes, ears, mouths or souls, although certainly some people might perceive them in a form like that. I personally consider them "negative information" or energetic blockages. Since the term "entities" and "entity removal" are traditional radionics terms, I use the various terminologies interchangeably. If you have trouble accepting entities, just substitute the word “hang-ups”, chi blockages, miasms, or energetic perturbations in the field. We are talking about the same things here.

2. Entities (miasms, energetic blockages) tend to congregate around electromagnetic fields. Because all living things are electrical beings, entities are attracted to these energy fields like magnets. Once they attach to a field, they don't generally leave unless there is some kind of intervention. That intervention could be something as simple as an someone experienced in meditation willing the blockage to be removed from the energy field. 

3. Often entities (miasms, energtic blockages) are merely just the result of negative conditioning. This is generally a subconscious response to a stimulus.  Often the root cause of these is so buried in our nervous system it is almost impossible to identify the original source. I actually remember becoming negatively conditioned to the odor of metal. I had a swing that had a chain made from non-galvanized metal, and it had an odor to it. As a child, I once I twisted and untwisted in the swing several times in a row, in order to experience a spinning sensation. I became rather violently sick to my stomach, and had to avoid swinging there after that. Even the smell of the metal made me somewhat sick to my stomach. Back in the days when the one armed bandits at casinos had coins in them, I played one and a lot of quarters popped out of the machine. But I felt a little sick! As you might have guessed, the quarters had the same smell as the swing chain decades ago. Removing negative information about that incident corrected that effect.  Make no mistake about it--I did not remove the memory of the incident; if I had, I would not be able to repeat it here. I just removed the junk left behind (metal smell=spinning feeling). 

3. Energetic blockages (entities) are easily detected by either muscle response testing, or pendulum.

4. Remember that everyone has negative information somewhere in their energy field. Every time a chakra is not spinning correctly, negative information (entities) are the cause. Anytime your body slightly "cringes" at a thought from the past, or at the thought of an encounter, or at the thought of eating a particular food, or something in the past, it is because of negative information (entity) in your field. Again, a lot of the issue here is definitional. If one thinks of it as just factual, and not as something spooky, it can aid in your understanding. 

5. Drop the blame! People who grow up in fear based religion or who have experienced a lot of punishment as a child tend to feel overly guilty about entities. Try to get over that. The entities are not you.THEY ARE NOT YOU. Don't own them. You should easily be able to rid yourself of them. We all have free will. The installation of Lunar Alchemy is meant to aid you in taking control of your energetic health.

7. Recognize your power over them! It is empowering to know that we have entities or negative information caught in our fields. Why? With training we can identify them, and eliminate their infliuence. So, that is the opposite of freaky! We can avoid situations where we pick these things up, or we can get rid of them immediately. So knowing all this ultimately empowers us. Experienced meditators know this information, can identify them, and rid their energy fields of them. They also are sent to a place where they can no longer harm us in this dimension.  

8. The best and most efficient way to begin to rid yourself of energetic blockages is by having Biofield Focus installed. The beneficial subtle energies will far outweigh the non-benificial ones in the energy field of the "target", whether that target is living or non-living.  If the entities are particularly strong though, you may need to use EFT prior to your Biofield Focus session.