COVID vaccine

“COVID-19 vaccination is one of the strongest tools we can use to fight this pandemic together,” 

Addendum: Please read this article on immune deficiencies after COVID infection.
Many of the things discussed in the article are things in my COVID module. As a result of this article, I decided to test people who have had either COVID or the vaccine for "acquired immune deficiency." Most seem to test weak. Those who have had the module discussed below applied test strong.

My entire family, myself included, has been vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine.  When one family member temporarily had an issue with catching her breath about a week after her second injection, she went to a cardiologist, who gave her a clean bill of health.  Another family member had bad headaches a week after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and her menstrual periods were very heavy for a couple of months. That is when I noticed on Twitter that a small percentage of people had difficulties following the vaccines. Then I learned that an observational study on heart biomarkers showed an increase in heart inflammation for months following vaccination.  That is when I started muscle response testing vaccinated people vs. unvaccinated people. 

I found that most of those who have had the mRNA vaccines, including those who feel fine after taking them, muscle test weak for many things:  Here is just a partial list-- ACE2 autoantibodies, Aluminum adjuvant, Annexin A2, Antiphospholipid antibodies, COVID spike protein, disorientation, DNA repair, GRP 78, Hypothalamus, immunosenescence, interferon gamma pathway,  interleukin 16, Interleukin 32, NF Kappa B, iron usage, Lipopolysaccharides, leukocyte adhesion,  mast cell activation, micro-clots, neurologic symptoms,  S protein, Sigma 1 receptor, postural orthostatic tachycardia, Protease, Selenoprotein P, Sigma 1, toll like receptor2, 4 (and pathway), 7 and 8 ligand, T Regulatory Cells, Vasovagal Reactions, Vascular Dysfunction, Viral Persistence. Almost everything  I test having to do with microbiology and COVID tests weak.  That does not mean that a person will have any current or future symptoms. I would say, though, that the potential is there, even if that potential is small. 

The good news is that the weak muscle response testing can be corrected. How this relates to amelioration of future issues, at this time, I do not know.  Although I have taken the corrective action with family members, I do feel a bit nervous about all the people testing weak for all these things.  Biofield Focus has a module that corrects those things that I have identified, but another option is to find a NAET practitioner in your area.

This is simply what I have found energetically, and in no way is it medical advice.   This is certainly no argument not to receive the vaccine.  Having COVID is much more likely to cause issues than taking the vaccine!!  People who have had COVID also test weak for most of these same things!