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Making a Target Using Google Earth

When making a target (or "Witness") for use in either Radionics or Symbolic Radionics, it is important to make it as specific as possible. With a person, it is best to edit a clear, recent picture of a face, and edit add text of current location, and possibly a date or at least a year of birth.

If a piece of land is the target, it is fairly easy to make a target through the use of Google Earth and Microsoft Paint, or other photo editor. I will take you briefly through the process below, as I am making a target from a nursing home near Seattle.

The best way to get to Google Earth is through the Google Search Website. Click on #1 in upper right, scroll down, and click on Earth.

Click on the magnifying glass and put the address or name of the tract of land in the box to search Google Earth.

Follow the directions in the image below. It is important to get the latitude and longitude in the target. You will have to cut it and move it in Paint. To get the exact right location, place your cursor over the middle of the target before you hit Print Screen.

Here is an easy example on YouTube on how to move things in Paint. You will want to move the location data in the bottom right to just under the target. After that is done, just select the exact target from the image, and save it to your hard drive. The final result should look something like this: