Charging Water Quickly and Easily

Muscle Test Strong!

Experience Lunar Alchemy

All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was. Toni Morrison

Sometimes I run across interesting ideas that work well, for whatever reason. I ran across this quick and easy method to put energy into water (translation: everyone muscle tests stronger to water after this is performed). I do not agree with the presentation of this or its claims. However, even though I personally did not notice a change in the taste of the liquid, the energetic shift was verified and it is quite a large change.

Having said that, my water pipes, microwave, and electric eyes on my stove all have Lunar Alchemy installed, which changes the quality of the water and at my residence, so I generally only use this technique away from home and with bottled beverages.

Try it! Check the quality of the water before and after. You will be amazed. As for the "cure for cancer" part of it, I am quite skeptical, although I suppose it cannot hurt to try.