General Health Measures to Consider

Everyone knows the importance of fresh air, healthy eating, and exercise, but there are  other measures you might consider. Here are a few random things I have either  tried  or learned about that may be of benefit. You may ask your health care professional if they are indicated for your health.  Also try to energy test these to see if they would be of benefit.  Links are provided for your perusal.  In no particular order:

Avoid Tung Oil (in furniture polish) it activates herpes and other viruses

Vitamins C and D  for a variety of conditions

B Vitamins and Benfotiamine   for a variety of conditions, for MTHFR genetics, take methylated B vitamins 

Coenzyme Q10 for cellular health

Epsom Salt Baths  for mental and physical relaxation

Low Dose Naltrexone  for autoimmune conditons and immunity, and long COVID

Olive Leaf Extract- general antibiotic, antiviral, that does not affect gut microbes; blood pressure  

Ashwagandha for stress, sleep and many other conditons

Siberian Pine Nut Oil- for gut health, taken thirty minutes prior to a meal   

Probiotics and Prebiotics - Learn to make and eat cultured foods. Hint: stick to researched probiotics like Culturelle and Align! 

Electrolytes-for PoTS postural tachycrardia syndrome, faint feeling on standing Recommend Lyte Balance or Pedialyte

Intermittent  Fasting- helpful for a variety of conditons  

Cold Shower Therapy- helpful for a variety of conditons  

Andrographis- increases immunity, anti-aging

Near Infrared Therapy- helpful for a variety of conditons  

Photobiomodulation (PBM) and Brainwave Entrainment (Flicker)- Brain Fog, Alzheimer's, Long COVID (I haven't tried Flicker)

Chanting  Do a YouTube  search for your favorites, brings peace   

Nattokinase, Serropeptase- may resolve blood clots related to COVID (I haven't tried this personally).  

Tollovid- protease inhibitor, anecdotal evidence for COVID, long COVID (I haven't tried this personally).

If you lack energy, or have long COVID, make sure to get Free T3 thyroid levels checked, not just TSH and T4.  An easy way to check adrenal cortisol levels is saliva testing

CoQ10 for heartalpha lipoic acid for blood sugar, together may help  long COVID.

Do not forget the mini-orgone vials and flash drives I discuss HERE.