Getting started with Biofield Focus!

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.  Thomas Paine

Are you ready to take the next step?

Thank you for your interest in Biofield Focus (Muscle Test Strong). I do energetic work, with the goal of alleviating subconscious stressors that cause blockages in the flow of chi in the body. When the stress is alleviated, often the person improves symptomatically. However this is not a medical treatment and cannot be regarded as such. Please continue to seek the guidance of certified health care practitioners.

The work that I do is by distance, using symbols. In order to find a blockage in chi, I do remote muscle testing, with the aid of a target (or “witness”), which is your photograph, full name, birthdate, and location. I need a history of types of foods you eat, supplements and medications you take, as well as a list of symptoms. I will determine items to test by using your input. I can also scan items in groups to locate stressors. These stressors can be emotions, events, foods, people, processes, organs, environmental factors, chemicals, plants, or almost anything.

First I apply a general Biofield Focus process that covers many items, after first setting up the “witness” (again- your picture with name, birthdate, and location). Additionally I set up a witness for your home, using information I gather from Google Earth. I use a similar generic clearing for your home at the same time.

After that, in future sessions, I check for specific blockages. As an example, prior to the Biofield Focus application, you might test “weak” for left right brain integration.  Afterward a process is applied, you would test strong. (Watching a figure 8 motion is related to the integration of the left and right brain.). At times I may need to talk to you on the phone to explore past experiences.  

I like it when clients can do their own energetic testing, using either muscle testing or a pendulum. Then the results are independently verified. However many people are unable to do that, and that is fine too.


Steps to Take if You Decide to go Ahead 

If you are interested in getting started, send me your picture, full name, birth date, address, and a one page description of symptoms, foods, medicines, supplements, etc.  to both Facebook Messenger and  I will make the witnesses (or “targets”) for you and your home. I will send you a for sixty dollars to be paid by check. Upon payment, I will then apply the alchemical process. If you do energetic testing you will be able to test the results. Prior to the Lunar Alchemy process being applied, you will likely test weak to having a smart phone on or near your ear. After the process is applied, your muscle test will be strong. You will also be strong for most food items. As another example, you could try doing before and after testing with sugar. Generally that will weaken you prior to the process being applied; afterwards it will no longer weaken you. If you have had many symptoms for a long time, you will likely need Lunar Alchemy application for custom items. 

If after reading my website you still have questions, I will be happy to answer them, either by Facebook messenger, email or telephone call, at no charge.

Pauline Lathram

Recommendations for those who do energetic testing--

If you do self-muscle testing, or have a friend that does muscle testing, it is helpful to get a “before” reading, prior to the generic application, on these items and any items of your choice-- 

looking into a mirror

microwaved water

Cell phone


If you use a pendulum, phrase your questions in such a way that a “no” answer means you have an issue with the item. For instance—“The acupuncture meridians and other energetic systems in my body have a free, unimpeded flow of chi when exposed to (name the item or process, while being in contact with it).