Clearing Energetic Blockages

An Italian named Duccio Ruggeri has provided us with this gift-- a symbolic radionics method.  Here it is:  

I use this to clear energetic blockages, but it has many other uses, including making homeopathic remedies.  You may read the instructions, which are a bit wordy, but interesting and informative. In order to use it, you will first need to print the pattern from the last page of the above PDF.

Here is a three minute video on how I use the method to clear energetic blockages, either on myself, or others (by distance): Although one of the steps calls for laminating the pattern to a board, it isn't absolutely necessary.  I do recommend it if you want to use it often.

P.S.   I posted the link to this page in the Radionics Facebook group. Duccio saw it, and had some comments that were informative. Here they are:  

"Thank you for having shared this further possibility that circuit One can offer, namely that of cleaning the energy blocks.

I know it's true, the manual is quite long, but the first part, i.e. the one relating to its history, since I started experimenting with it, I believed it was essential to write it, while as regards the second part, where I inserted all the requests that can be used, has necessarily been made so long precisely because excellent results have been obtained with all these different methods. These modalities include as you know the rebalancing of the chakras, subtle bodies, and vital energy; the possibility of preparing even complex energy remedies of any type, including energy drugs, which have given great results, and of transmitting them even remotely; the way to neutralize the geopathic zones, the one to prepare artificial witnesses and also the one to eliminate any energetic vibration from any type of substance or object, and finally the one relating to requests for healing, which at times has made us witness spectacular results even on important issues. I also wanted to add the quartz mode because it allows you to do multiple treatments that were previously impossible to do. The fact that there are many repetitions is due to the fact that this manual was also designed for beginners, and not only for people who are very experienced in radionics.

I would like to add that I watched your video, where you show your operating mode, in reality it is the same that we used previously, which involved adding a witness on the small yellow sphere, but later we discovered that in reality there is no need no witness, it is sufficient to indicate the name and surname (and possibly the date of birth if it were a very common name) in the request that will be placed on the large yellow sphere.

Finally, I would like to remind you that Circuit One is not a symbolic radionics circuit, although I believe that you have defined it this way on your site because perhaps there is no easy way to define it.

In any case, thanks again, both for sharing the manual on your site and for making this new method of use available to everyone. A big hug,"