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When you follow your heart's calling, you wind up being the most powerful version of yourself. You don't need to take power from others when you can tap into your own inner power. Karen Salmansohn

Emotional Freedom Technique is the most widely used self-help energetic technique. It can be very effective and empowering. You can read about it here, and do a YouTube search for some demonstrations,

An example of how you could use this is with muscle response testing. If effective, the person will muscle test "weak" to an affirmation prior to stimulating various acupuncture points, and "strong" afterwards. So, it is really helpful to learn self-testing techniques. I have even heard of people using EFT for NAET type treatments. Example: "Even though I respond in fear to sugar of all types, including fructose, galactose, glucose, lactose, maltose, and sucrose, I am now able to assimilate the subtle energies of sugar into my energy fields smoothly, and without reaction, and I completely love and accept myself." You would need to do muscle response testing to verify that this worked. It would also probably need to be repeated throughout a period of twenty four hours. You could recheck in a week, or two weeks, and make sure the treatment "held".

One issue that I have with emotional freedom technique is that I really don't like to stimulate acupuncture points with my hands. It is just annoying to me for some reason. So I created this video to watch while I say my affirmations. Feel free to try it. You can come up with your own affirmations. I also found a long list of suggested affirmations here.

If you can do self testing or use a pendulum, test the affirmations. If you test "weak" to a specific affirmation prior to EFT, just watch the video while saying the affirmation. You should test strong to it afterwards. If there is a graphic or picture of the substance you are clearing, it is helpful to put it beside this video as you watch it.

Another clearing technique is used in Darren Weisman's "The Lifeline Technique". He developed a pattern adding "infinite love and gratitude" to the person's reaction to a substance or emotion. The sign language sign for love and gratitude is also added to the words, to enhance them.