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Sometimes the night wakes in the middle of me, and I can do nothing but become the moon. Nayyirah Waheed.

Biofield Focus, in a Nutshell-- 

Muscle Test STRONG to Most Substances, Emotions and Electromagnetic Fields--GUARANTEED  

Biofield Focus is an innovative, advanced stress reduction technique which is applied efficiently and instantly. A system is installed which enables the "target" to automatically sort and process the various attributes of subtle energies that surround us and affect us, often to our detriment. This system may be installed in people, places, or things.

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Experience Biofield Focus

When the Biofield Focus system is applied to the subtle energy field of any person, place, or thing, it transforms that person, place or thing into a systemic alchemist. A systemic alchemist automatically transmutes all subtle energies in the energy field from non-beneficial to beneficial, and self-selects the beneficial subtle energies over the non-beneficial ones. Muscle testing (applied kinesiology) verifies that there is an immediate response. Although this system affects many energetic reactions, the subtle energies that are attracted to electromagnetic fields are particularly notable. The timing of any clinical results varies. For deeply seeded issues, custom treatment may be necessary (see Movements).

If you experience Biofield Focus you will muscle test strong for most things,  particularly for items with  electromagnetic fields, such as cell phones and towers, microwave ovens, routers, and computers.  In general, even certain angles such as corners of rooms, doorways, and window panes can cause people to weaken. Biofield Focus allows you to process those angles without causing stress to your system. Foods, emotions, and other items also will likely consistently test stronger. If your electronic devices experience Biofield Focus everyone will muscle test strong for them, and your personal electronic device becomes an intentionally imprinted electronic device that can transfer the system to other objects. 

What can Biofield Focus Do for You?

When your energy fields are trained to automatically transmute non-beneficial subtle energies into beneficial ones you will be more resistent to negative influences. When you muscle test strong to electronic devices, foods, thoughts, emotions, etc., it is an indicator that those items no longer weaken you. Your stress responses to your internal and external environment are thus remarkably lessened. Deeply seeded characteristics will require more customized treatment, but Biofield Focus jump starts the process. 

When you carry a smart phone or similar electronic device, unless you intervene, that device will interfere with the subtle energy fields in and around your body. It isn't the electromagnetic field of the device that directly causes the issue; it is the byproduct of the electromagnetic field-- the subtle energies that are attracted to the electromagnetic field-- that are the culprits. After Biofield Focus is applied to your smart phone or other electronic device, that device will no longer weaken anyone's energy field; it will also become a "shamanic tool", because the intentionally imprinted subtle energy system may be transferred from one electronic device to other devices, using a simple affirmation.

An Autonomic Nervous System of Subtle Energies

A person's autonomic nervous system almost has a kind of "magical" quality to it due to various cellular communications and feedback loops. One part of the body knows what another part of the body is doing, but the "knowing" is entirely subconscious. The blood pressure system “knows” when a person stands up, sits down, or lies down, and automatically adjusts. We do not consciously have to tell the body what to do. The heart rate “knows” to increase when we exercise. We do not have to stop and think to take a breath. We blink our eyes to cleanse them, without thinking about it. Our blood even "knows" how to keep a constant pH. All of this takes place automatically. The autonomic nervous system is a marvel of the connection between the conscious and the subconscious. Yogis and meditators that are very experienced have learned to be able to control some of their own autonomic nervous system responses, but that is atypical. Of course, we can hold our breath, but only for so long. Because all this works on the subconscious level, the autonomic nervous system almost seems a bit miraculous. 

Biofield Focus has discovered  an autonomic nervous system of subtle energies latent in every animal, vegetable, or mineral that is analogous to our physical autonomic nervous system. In short, Biofield Focus awakens the latent ability of any person, place, or thing to automatically sort, process, and select subtle energies in a way that benefits health. In general, for humans, that means self-selecting subtle energies and, through alchemy, transmuting the harmful  subtle energies into beneficial ones. You will not have to meditate or do frequent ongoing "clearings" to have this benefit. Nor do you have to wear geometric forms or orgone devices.  

Like the physical autonomic nervous system, Lunar Alchemy takes place solely on the subconscious level. Here you will learn a little about the science involved. 

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In no way is Biofield Focus a medical treatment for a physical ailment. Please consult a health care professional for any medical conditions.

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