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And this grey spirit yearning in desire, To follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

— Lord Alfred Tennyson

I am not a scientist, but it will come of no suprise to anyone that I resonated much more with my physics class in high school than I did my chemistry class. I thus tend to turn to the physicists of the world to try to explain what is happening with action at a distance. Some is known, and much is unknown. As an empiricist, I am not bothered that everything is not fully explained at this time, and I am also attracted to the mystery of the unexplained. But there is a lot of information freely available from credentialed scientists on this subject, for those that are interested. I list some in the How Does Lunar Alchemy Work? page, but Claude Swanson deserves particular attention. He is a Princeton trained physicist that interweaves various energetic modalities into his discussions of "life force" and non-locality. Here is a short and understandable four part interview with him on YouTube (they will play in order):