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 Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke

Since Biofield Focus is generally by “distance”, or is non-local, I need to share a little bit about what that means. I use a process known as Symbolic Radionics. Basically the process projects intentions without the person or object being physically present. In traditional radionics, both a target (the object of the treatment), and a trend (the energetic shift) are required. In traditional radionics the trend is generally a rate that is the result of dowsing an intention, and then setting dials to project that rate, and, thus, the intention. Symbolic radionics may skip that step and just use various symbols and words to project intention. In traditional radionics, a complex electronic device is used. In symbolic radionics, only a paper diagram of a radionics device may be used, or it may be something even more simple than that, as it works by "intention."

If you are aware of the benefits of frequent, deep meditation, but do not have the time or skill level to achieve your desired results, then you will be happy to know that many of the benefits of deep meditation may be achieved quickly and with little effort…….by distance. Experienced yogis know how to go deep within themselves and remove energetic blockages. Decades of daily meditation under the guidance of a skilled master may lead to remarkable control over one's own health, often with dramatic results. Biofield Focus may be installed in those who have neither the time nor the inclination to meditate, and also to boost the benefits achieved by those who regularly or sporadically meditate. If you feel that energetic blockages could be causing issues in your life, you will be happy to know that you can eliminate most of these by having Lunar Alchemy installed. There are similar technologies which are complex computer programs that require training and cost thousands of dollars. Why not try this very low cost, highly effective method that requires a fraction of the time and expense? If you have been going to energetic practitioners who eliminate energetic blockages using vials, or who ask questions for which you are “cleared”, you will be happy to know that Biofield Focus will enable you to muscle test strong for almost all single vials, emotions, events, foods, and other substances. This may enhance the benefit of going to an energetic practitioner, and make your sessions much more productive and less time consuming. 

If you are skeptical, you may test the claim by using applied kinesiology. An applied kinesiologist can make comparisons of your muscle strength in proximity to certain stressors both before and after your use of this slideshow.  

Your cells have memory

Even if you have no conscious memory of an event, it may be affecting your reactions here and now. Your cells may have learned to cringe when in the presence of certain phenomena. The classical conditioning process is the body’s way of learning to protect itself from danger. The conditioned response would be the same whether or not the precipitating event was in the conscious memory.    

Many of us have numerous subconscious conditioned responses that adversely affect our lives and our health. Some of us may even subconsciously cringe from eating certain foods. This reaction indicates the presence of energetic blockages. These blockages can become so entangled that this causes us to feel very ill without even knowing the cause. Even when we sense the cause of our discomfort, we may feel that we have to avoid certain foods in order to maintain our health. This is how our cells come to express fear when exposed to phenomena that are otherwise harmless, and may be one reason why some of us actually live in fear. This subconscious cringing causes us to become energetically out of balance.  

By regularly using deep meditation, we may relearn the relaxation response which may help mitigate these unhelpful conditioned responses. Biofield Focus is designed to eliminate subconscious cringing as detected by muscle response testing. The physical body generally follows the energetic body, and symptom relief and healing may follow. Your free will to release the negativity from past experiences, whether they are conscious or subconscious, and the energetic blockages that ensue, is easily accessed and enabled by this process. 

The Cutting Edge Science behind the Power of Focused Intention 

Some of you may not be satisfied by the empirical evidence of the results of the before and after muscle testing responses, and may wish to understand the mechanism by which Biofield Focus works. All effects certainly have a scientific cause, and there is a large body of emerging scientific thought that attempts to explain the mechanism of the power of focused intention and “action at a distance”. I invite the open-minded skeptics among us to read books such as The Field by Lynne McTaggert, which describes the significance of the zero point field and reconciles theory with the emerging scientific evidence.

Specific experiments on the power of intention and action at a distance were carried out by Stanford materials scientist William A. Tiller, and detailed in his books (caution: these are heavy in scientific jargon) -- Books by William Tiller. Dr. Tiller not only experimentally proves that focused intention from experienced meditators can change physical conditions; he also concludes that specific intentions can be imprinted on simple low-tech electronic devices. He has coined the term IIED for Intention Imprinted Electrical Device. Lunar Alchemy uses slideshows that  are imprinted with amplified focused intention (IIEDs).

More information on the scientific process involved can be accessed with Google searches of “spooky action at a distance” and “quantum entanglement.” 

Symbolic radionics devices use digital photographs as energetic signatures. After you provide Biofield Focus with your digital photograph, your birth date (your birth year will be sufficient if you give me a precise location), and present location, a file will be created that file is the "target". Also see Services Offered for the information required for a "whole house" treatment.The use of this process does not in any way take the place of appropriate care of your health. To maintain your health, practice good habits and see a health care practitioner for medical conditions. It may also benefit you to consult with energetic practitioners for personalized work. 

While Biofield Focus is not the answer to all ills, it may be extremely helpful when MDs, psychologists, and other health care professionals are baffled, or reach an impasse, and dietary and lifestyle changes do not produce results. Sometimes the possible side effects of drugs may outweigh any possible benefits. In cases where medical science does not have the answers, why not try the drug-free, no-risk process of Lunar Alchemy?

Disclaimer: Symbolic radionics involves no drugs, no supplements, and no diagnoses. Symbolic radionics relieves stresses in the energetic fields surrounding and within the body. Energetic treatments work through the energy fields surrounding the body, and within the body, not through the physical body. Because medical diagnoses involve physical symptoms, energetic treatments cannot and do not claim to directly treat physical diseases. Any improvement in physical symptoms due to energetic treatments would be considered speculative rather than scientific. In all cases, proof of efficacy is not due to treatment of illnesses, but in changing muscle response testing results from weak to strong. Never is it appropriate to substitute energetic treatments for medical care from a licensed practitioner.