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Man's right to know, to learn, to inquire, to make bona fide errors, to investigate human emotions must, by all means, be safe, if the word "freedom" should ever be more than an empty political slogan. ― Wilhelm Reich

I once came home from my energetic practitioner's office with a tiny bottle filled with "the soils of all the volanoes in all the sacred places all over the earth" (or something like that). She nicely offered it to me for the wholesale price of forty dollars. I had no idea exactly what was in it, but I knew I liked it. When I put it on top of my head, it caused my meridians to be in balance. I had taken the Touch for Health course and was well aware that this would be quite desirable. I was very happy with my bargain purchase and its effects on me, until the inevitable day it dropped and broke in my kitchen. I was trying to gather this magic dust to put in another bottle, and I was hit by a revelation.This was dirt! I had paid forty bucks for a bottle of dirt!  I was ready to take over the innocent child's heroic role in "The Emperor's New Clothes"! But the one thing interesting about this dirt is that I noticed tiny little crystals and tiny wood splinters in it. Aaaaah, this was an orgone device.   

Most people who are interested in energetic techniques are familiar with orgone devices. Wilhelm Reich, a psychotherapist contemporary of Freud, named the energy in the ether "orgone" and claimed it could be accumulated by mixtures of organic and inorganic materials. To this day, people sell devices based on Reich's principles, and some claim to be able to attract rain with some of the stronger devices. Smaller devices are often made out of poured resin, with crystals in it. You can buy various homemade orgone devices off Ebay or other online retailers. But you can make your own orgone device out of a clean glass spice bottle. Hopefully you can find one with a plastic lid. 

I posted the following directions once on the internet, and was gratified that nearly a decade later someone posted it in the Radionics group on Facebook. 

Here are the materials needed. 

1. one package of  steel wool. Note: Copper scrubbers may be used  but some people react energetically to copper. It is best to check the material energetically against your energy field, using a pendulum or muscle response testing, and clear it using EFT Boost

2. one package of real cotton balls (yes there are "fake" ones) purchased at drugstore, superstore, grocery store, or online. 

3. scissors to cut up the steel wool ordish scrubbers

4. clean glass spice bottle with plastic lid. 

Reich suggested that the inorganic (copper scrubbers or steel wool) and organic (cotton balls) should be layered, with the inorganic first, although people that make them out of resin ignore that and seem to feel that it isn't necessary. 

I'm not sure I even need to write any further directions for making the orgone device. Instead I am posting a photograph of one of my orgone spice bottles.  

Put your spice bottle on the top of your head (seventh chakra) as needed. When you first try this, just use this for a short amount of time, perhaps thirty seconds. If you like the effect, you can use it more than that.  It is a similar feeling to wearing a pyramid on the head (shapes also seem to accumulate orgone, and experiments have been done showing that seeds grown under the top portion of a pyramid can have a bit of supercharged growth.) You may even be able to use this technique to do your own emotional clearings, or clearings of energetic reactions to food (similar to NAET).

I recently went to some Native American mounds in Pinson, Tennessee, and took a tour. The guide took us to some low flat burial mounds surrounding the area. He said that they had found layers of sand (inorganic) along with ashes of the dead (organic), and the sand had to have been imported from a long way away. He said the flat mounds probably meant that the Native Americans climbed them. It doesn't take much of a leap to assume that these mounds were probably used in seed ceremonies at the beginning of the planting season. The orgone would affect the fertility of the seeds. There are methods of farming and agriculture based on the principles of orgone. Indeed, crop and seed experiments have been conducted under pyramid structures by amateur experimenters all over the world.  

That is the end of my speculation for now, but be sure to read up on orgone, because it is really interesting! Orgone is probably related to the mysterious new physics written about by G. Harry Stine in his Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines book, and discussed on my Symbolic Radionics page. 

Putting this device on the top of the seventh chakra could increase the effectiveness of various mantras and affirmations. It could be helpful to use it while watching the EFT Boost. You could be able to clear foods and various emotions by doing this. However, Lunary Alchemy takes care of the great majority of these things. 

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL ORGONE DEVICES MUST BE CLEANSED PERIODICALLY.  This includes homemade devices as well as those purchased. Wilhelm Reich postulated that the beneficial orgone, over time, can transmute into a "deadly orgone (DOR)".  Some possible causes include, but are not limited to, harmful magnetic and electronic fields typical of modern society. One common way to cleanse such devices is to cover them with sea salt for a period of at least twenty four hours.  

Cleansing will likely not be necessary, however, if Lunar Alchemy is installed in your home. Orgone devices and crystals seem permanently cleansed in that case.