Muscle Test Strong!

Nullifying COVID 19 Thoughtform in a Target

Here is a free, experimental way to clear the energy of the coronavirus from a space, and from all the individuals within the space. It is done by distance using just a computer screen. Before and after muscle response testing indicates efficacy. It is not a medical treatment of course. Here are the directions:The SARS-CoV-2 has caused a worldwde pandemic. . Because of all the attention it’s getting, it has taken on a a life of its own as a thought form. This means people—and even geographic areas and buildings—can energetically react to the virus, even while never having been exposed to it. Someone who has actually been exposed to the virus is even more likely to be reacting to it. And of course almost everyone who actually has the virus will react to it energetically .

Viruses are attracted to fear and exploit weakness. It can thus be helpful to release fear, all the while exercising the commonsense precautions prescribed by the health authorities in the geographic area affected.

As we all know, like attracts like. Thus, reacting energetically to the virus creates a stronger bond between the virus and the person or building being treated (the "target". or "witness"). This video provides a way to break that energetic bond. This may or may not influence the physical presentation of the infection. Anecdotal evidence suggests that breaking the energetic bond between the target and the virus has at least some influence on the physical presentation of a virus.

This video provides an experimental energetic method that affects and generally improves muscle-testing response to the virus. I make no claims beyond that. This is not a medical treatment.

You can play this video and use this technique whether or not you muscle test someone (target) for energetic reactions to SARS, CoV-2, and COVID-19. First we will discuss how to muscle test, then we’ll discuss the protocol for this technique.

You will be able to tell if someone reacts energetically to this virus simply by testing the target (either a person or a geographic area). State: "The target (name) is energetically strong for SARS-CoV-2 and coronavirus pandemic." Then muscle test yes/no. Generally a "strong" muscle means yes (particularly using this phrasing) and a weak muscle means no, but be sure to verify this through appropriate protocols. Then use the same test, substituting the words "COVID 19 disease". It is fine to have the target present for testing, but it is easy for someone who is familiar with "surrogate" testing to check this without the target being present.

If the muscle test reveals a "no" answer, then follow the instructions below to correct that.

Doing Without Muscle Testing

If one does not do muscle response testing, this technique may also be used, as there are no side effects. In fact, it seems to "work" for unspecified things other than coronavirus, so it will likely be beneficial no matter what. However, the lack of muscle response testing will mean the result is not verified.

Doing on or for a Person

When using this technique on a person directly, if possible, ask the person for permission. Alternatively, ask the universe for permission, through muscle response testing.


This technique may be used for a building or geographic location or for a person. The building or person you are using this technique for is known as the “target.”

Here is what you need.

1. A computer screen

2. An image file that represents a target, and

3. The video embedded at the bottom of this page.

The image file representing the target should be as specific as possible. Although I recommend that the target be a hospital or house, you may also have a person as the target.

Using this on a building is simple and it should affect everyone in the building at the time. At this link, I give directions on how to create an image file when the target is a building, and give an example of what it should look like.

If a person is the target (witness), you need a recent picture, and the person’s name, current location, and year of birth on the image file. An example is below.

Now, pull up the image of the target (or "witness") on your computer screen, leaving room on the screen for an additional window (in other words, you will be making each window smaller so two windows are up on your screen at one time). Pull up the video below on the computer screen beside the target. Play the video. Playing it once works for me, but either muscle test this or use your intuition to ask how many times to play it. Retest, if you use muscle response testing.

You can do this for as many locations or people as you like. Setting an intention to help will make the treatment stronger. Perhaps together we can clear many areas of the energetic effects of this virus!

The first video below was the original video. I added a second and a third video later, as I tested additional energies that needed to be applied.