Biogeometry Biosignatures

As the waves pass the rock, their shape is changed. There is a hologram of the rock within the wave that comes forward and crashes on the beach, then there's a reflected wave back.  Rallph Abraham

BioGeometry is a science that explores the relationship between living organisms and their geometric environment. Ibrahim Karim, an Egyptian architect and researcher, developed BioGeometry as a holistic approach to harmonizing energy fields in the environment.

Dr. Karim has dedicated much of his career to studying the impact of shapes and geometry on living organisms. His work involves applying geometric patterns to create harmonious subtle energies that can positively influence health and well-being. BioGeometry has been applied in various fields, including architecture, agriculture, and personal well-being. His brilliant work includes developing biosignatures for use in energy fields. This is explained well in the book Biogeometry Signatures: Harmonizing the Body's Subtle Energy Exchange with the Environment, which I highly recommend reading. The book includes many biosignatures that are useful for harmonizing various imbalances in the body. They are grouped together by category.  One dowses for the particular biosignature that  will be useful for the person. The needed biosignature can be drawn on the skin with a non-toxic pen, or  put on a sticker on the body. Biosignatures also may be applied by distance.

Using the same groupings as Dr. Karim, I have created these brief slideshows. One could apply all in a group needed by playing the chosen slideshow (on repeat) next to a target picture of the individual, with name, DOB, and location, on your desktop. Please make sure your computer is corrected for subtle energies first. You may use Dr. Karim's products, or you may use this technique--it works for both smart phones and computers:  The code to enter is abc  

Before attempting to use these, you definitely should read the book! Enjoy these video clips, taken directly from the book. (Please order the book to fully understand their use).

Biosignature Video Clips