The Ancient Science of Shape

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As the waves pass the rock, their shape is changed. There is a hologram of the rock within the wave that comes forward and crashes on the beach, then there's a reflected wave back. Ralph Abraham

Most of us have been exposed to folklore that is based on various geometric patterns having a certain energy quality. As an example, after a trip to Ireland, my mother came back with a Brigid's cross for each of us, along with the instructions to place it over a doorway, for "good luck." It is a handmade "cross" made of reeds. As acknowledged by most sources, the Brigid's cross predates Christianity, and has pagan origins. I only realized much later that a Brigid's cross was much more than luck. Generally one muscle tests weak when passing under a doorway, but I Brigid's Cross prevents that from occurring. In this country, there is the rich history of the Pennsylvania Dutch putting "hex" signs on barns. The term "hex" is more recent than the practice of painting the barns with the geometric patterns, and refers to the patterns, not any sort of intention. The painted barns are meant for the protection of the barn. According to Wikipedia, the practice of putting these decorations on barns originated in pre-Christian Germany.

Today, "barn quilts", based on the Pennsylvania Dutch hand painted hex signs, have made a big comeback, and manufactured, painted geometrical patterns are marketed for buildings in rural areas. At this point, the notion of pyramid power is almost a given. Have you ever noticed how many businesses there are with the name "pyramid" in them, and with a pyramid on the business card? The most famous of the ancient pyramids are in Egypt of course, but there are also pyramids as archeological sites in Central and South America. The Cahokia Mounds in Illinois are noteworthy for their pyramid shapes.

There are even a few modern pyramids, including`a large one in Memphis that is currently being converted into a Bass Pro shop.

Obviously, shape power was known to ancient people, but what does it mean to us here and now?

We used the ancient science of shape to transmute electronic fields, and we use mandalas such as this to clear the computer screen.

Clearing Pattern

The golden ratio (phi), which, according to many, is embedded in the Pyramids of Giza, must have some intrinsic meaning, because it is ever present in nature.

The golden ratio is throughout the Platonic solid dodecahedron, which is one reason I use a spinning dodecahedron in my work. This particular one is from the Wikipedia page for platonic solids.