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Be yourself, but always be your better self. Karl Maeser

Most of my life I have been in the business world—most prominently as the Finance Director of a large non-profit institution. My education includes a BA in Psychology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN and an MBA from Columbia University in NYC. You may get to know me well by my photography blog here.

Over a decade ago a family member had significant health issues, and in desperation we tried some energetic protocols. She responded very well, and I was fascinated! Since then energy healing has been a large part of my life. After a lot of studying, attending various workshops, and practice, I began developing my own methods of energy healing, and feel I have developed some highly useful and efficient ways for most people to get quick results with minimal time and cost involved. My emphasis has been on searching for common issues in order for highly effective energy healing to be easily affordable for the masses. There are definite commonalities, and over the past decade I have been researching and experimenting with these factors, reducing them to their basic essence, and learning to easily apply them. Even those who may need more personalized energetic treatments will find this generic treatment extremely useful when used alongside other energetic techniques. Often the generic treatment is even more effective than more personalized techniques, but they can work synergistically.

If you peruse this website, you will easily be able to determine the major influences on my work, and a bit about the theory behind it. The distance treatments are done through the use of symbolic radionics. The application is based on the theory of subtle energies as developed by French radiesthesiologists in the mid-twentieth century.

It is not my desire to duplicate all the wonderful information already on the web on energy healing, but to introduce subjects so that you may do your own research. It is also not my desire to focus on the mechanism, but rather on the result. I am a results oriented person, and am not driven by esoteric philosophy. Furthermore, it is not my intention to try to convert the skeptical community, but rather to overwhelm the user with proven results that can be verified. Everyone will respond differently clinically, but I do guarantee that muscle testing results will improve dramatically, and broadly.

In this website I link various resources, including those of other energetic healing techniques and practitioners, so that you may easily do your own research into the very large field of energy healing. These links to various web pages have no relationship to Lunar Alchemy. Please be sure to contact me if any of these links cease to work.

To the extent that I have a philosophy at all, it is one of enhancing personal empowerment, and the development of individual responsibility involved in exercising free will. It is for that reason that I include free information here that you can do yourself (see Cool Stuff.) Lunar Alchemy was constructed with the idea that by empowering the energetic fields to self select the beneficial subtle energies, people are able to take control in an effective and efficient manner by becoming their own "shaman".

I do want to emphasize again that energy treatments do not treat the body directly. They interact solely with the energy fields within and around the body. They are completely different from medical treatments, and, as such are not a substitute for medical care or seeing health care practitioners.

Thank you for coming to this website, and please feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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